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By siddharth    26 Apr 2016 14:07:23

http://bookmein.inThe world is an open stage, the selfie saga is never ending and so does the myriad ways to keep clicking pictures. The social media today is a buzz with millions of selfie on a daily basis. Probably you and me might have taken one but do we really need counseling to stop clicking pictures, I am sure not! But some people really do and how?

A Selfie Detox is one of the biggest and upcoming Detox ideas that will make sure you will stop brooding over self-consciousness. The media frenzy is too much today with hotness battles ragging over the social networking sites. It is important and necessary to get out of these self obsessed traumatic illusions. Some people are hard wired to how much likes and comments they get over a FB pictures while some want largest number of followers on an Instagram. How do we tackle this battle of self-empathized individuals who are taking over “Selfies” as an important part and parcel of life? We at provide expert services in “Selfie Detox”. We have professionals who deal in Selfie Detox services, meet the most experienced psychiatrist, counselors and experts in the field. Get identified your selfie addiction symptoms and receive support from professionals.

We are the biggest providers of over 50 services that you can book right sitting at the comfort of your home. We are a brand by itself and provide all that you need with just a click and few specifications. You can get replenished with a Detox service while the plumber takes care of your bathroom repairs. The idea is we want our customers to be satisfied with all the services under one roof. Register with us on the go and start setting your appointments today. book now 






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